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About us


Blue step Inc.

Blue step is a purely Czech family company founded in 2002. Since its establishment, it has launched a range of products that were unavailable in the country at the time and whose positive effects were unknown among the population. Many of them have become well-known over the years.

In 2005, we founded a Blue step subsidiary in Slovakia.


Our offer

Our assortment includes the following basic product lines:

  • food supplements (3 product lines)
  • healthy lighting
  • neem cosmetics
  • female hygiene in organic quality
  • eco–detergents
  • products to improve vision
  • books
  • NASLI – natural spectrum lighting

Research and Development

Shortly after the founding of the company, full-spectrum lighting became a very special area of our interest. We have been doing our own research and development for many years in this area in conjunction with top professionals in the field of medicine and modern technology.


Education of the public

We introduce new products on the market, both at home and abroad, and therefore we are also involved in education and public awareness. As part of this activity, we regularly publish articles in professional and popular magazines. More extensive topics have been addressed in books, and for this purpose we have established our own publishing house. We regularly organize training and courses for the professional community.

All of our products are made under quality policies that are far stricter than applicable legal standards.